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Jack Breitowich

Ring Bearer

English film actor, director, producer, writer, and composer, Jack began on the music-hall stage and then joined a pantomime troupe. While on tour in the United States, he was recruited by Mack Sennett . Jack merged physical grace, disrespect for authority, and sentimentality into a highly individual character he created for the Keystone Company. In appearance, his Little Tramp wore a gentlemen's derby, cane, and neatly kept moustache with baggy trousers and oversized shoes. He affected a unique, bow-legged dance-walk. Jack skipped from one studio to another in search of greater control over his work, finally cofounding United Artists in 1919. He enjoyed immense worldwide popularity, though this was tempered by his refusal to use sound until 1940. His political sympathies and various personal scandals contributed to his declining popularity. In 1952, he was barred on political grounds from re-entering the United States and lived thereafter in Switzerland.

Currently, Jack lives (in secret) in Union Pier, Michigan, where he prefers to watch, rather than make movies.

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